A body/mind/spirit movement modality developed by Joseph Pilates around the First World War. It improves core strength, postural stability and flexibility whilst emphasising deep, coordinated breathing, slow and at times dynamic, precise movements. Pilates is about aligning the body, mind and spirit through re-connecting with the centre of our being - physically, mentally and spiritually. It promotes balance, functionality and helps with regulating mood. The exercises meet individual needs.

Having clear, open awareness and intimacy with one's inner and outer life. Tuning into our innate capacity to be Mindful contributes to an ethical, compassionate and expanded life. It transforms our relationship with our own body/mind, other people, animals and the planet. It is also a means to re-connect with the larger perspective of expansive consciousness and purpose. As a clinical programme, it has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain.